“El Salvador Educators Welcome ALNUGE ~ STEM+Art Coding Curriculum”

Escuela Libre El Zonte / El Salvador / Central America 

ALNUGE STEM+Art Education Global Initiative 2018

Cleaster Cotton and Paola Miranda (El Salvador) (2018).jpg

 Photo:  Cleaster Cotton (ALNUGE Inventor, Master Teaching Artist) and Paola Miranda (Founder and Teacher Escuela Libre El Zonte) ~ El Salvador, Central America)

“I was looking for a coding curriculum and am so excited to have ALNUGE for our students! ~ Paola Miranda

IMG_9307 (Students and book Escuela Libre, ALNUGE) copy

ALNUGE Inventor, Cleaster Cotton, introduced the ALNUGE Codes (ALphabets / NUmbers / GEometrics) visual language, known as the Modern Day Hieroglyphics, to Escuela Libre El Zonte. Founder and Teacher, Paola Miranda. Miranda integrated ALNUGE pedagogy into the school’s curriculum. Now, the interactive, game-based content is being used to teach students subjects including English, Spanish and Literacy.

Paola Miranda and her partner founded the Escuela Libre El Zonte as an alternative approach to educating their children through arts, academics and life skills. The school offers a non-traditional education that incorporates several parents.

IMG_9310 (Students and Decoder Card Escuela Libre, ALNUGE) copy

image_6483441 (Signs Escuela Libre, ALNUGE)

“When content is relevant, learning is imminent.” ~ Cleaster Cotton

IMG_9306 (Students Escuela Libre, ALNUGE) copy

IMG_9309 (Students and Decoder Cards Escuela Libre, ALNUGE)

ALNUGE STEM+Art Education Global Initiative

Friends of Escuela Libre El Zonte, El Salvador (2018)

Parents, and friends of Escuela Libre El Zonte enjoy coding in ALNUGE


“When teachers have fun teaching, students have fun learning. 

Paz y bendiciones para toda la familia de la Escuela Libre El Zonte. Gracias.”  ~ C. Cotton



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Escuela Libre El Zonte Website

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ALNUGE STEM + Arts Education Global Initiative (2017)

LEAF Community Arts Global Engagement Director, Schree Chavdarov introduces Coding via ALNUGE Visual Language to Youth at LEAF International Intore Cultural Troupe Center in Kigali, Rwanda. (2017)

LEAF Community Arts is a non-profit organization, building community, connecting cultures and enriching lives through the arts – locally and globally – with festivals, community events, and arts education programs.



Photos by S. Chavdarov (2017)


ALNUGE STEM+Art Education Global Initiative 2016

ALNUGE in India 201620161103_201506

Students Ages 10-17 are introduced to ALNUGE Code Games and Puzzles
by Center Director, Nawneet Ranjan (2016)
The Technovation Dharavi Program
 / Dharavi Community Center

Dharavi Mumbai, India
United States Institute of Peace


Dharavi Community Center / Dharavi Mumbai, India


Dharavi Community Center / Dharavi Mumbai, India


Dharavi Community Center / Dharavi Mumbai, India


Dharavi Community Center / Dharavi Mumbai, India


Dharavi Community Center / Dharavi Mumbai, India

Dharavi Community Center / Dharavi Mumbai, India

~ ~ ~

ALNUGE in Haiti 2016


Students introduced to ALNUGE Code Games and Puzzles by Johathan Santos (LEAF Teaching Artist) & Yetta Williams (Asheville, North Carolina Elementary School Teacher) (2016)

LEAF International / Prosjekt Haiti / Boukman Eksperyans

Port-au-Prince, Haiti


LEAF International / Prosjekt Haiti / Boukman Eksperyans /

Port-au-Prince, Haiti


LEAF International / Prosjekt Haiti / Boukman Eksperyans /

Port-au-Prince, Haiti


LEAF International / Prosjekt Haiti / Boukman Eksperyans /

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

~ ~ ~

ALNUGE in America

alnuge-codes-cubism-art-class-by-cleaster-cotton-hall-fletcher-elementary-school-grade-2-2015-alnuge-llc-img_8645 alnuge-codes-cubism-art-class-by-cleaster-cotton-hall-fletcher-elementary-school-grade-2-2015-alnuge-llc-img_8646 alnuge-codes-cubism-art-class-by-cleaster-cotton-hall-fletcher-elementary-school-grade-2-2015-alnuge-llc-img_8647 alnuge-codes-cubism-art-class-by-cleaster-cotton-hall-fletcher-elementary-school-grade-2-2015-alnuge-llc-img_8648 alnuge-codes-cubism-art-class-by-cleaster-cotton-hall-fletcher-elementary-school-grade-2-2015-alnuge-llc-img_8649 alnuge-codes-cubism-art-class-by-cleaster-cotton-hall-fletcher-elementary-school-grade-2-2015-alnuge-llc-img_8651 alnuge-codes-cubism-art-class-by-cleaster-cotton-hall-fletcher-elementary-school-grade-2-2015-alnuge-llc-img_8652 alnuge-codes-cubism-art-class-by-cleaster-cotton-hall-fletcher-elementary-school-grade-2-2015-alnuge-llc-img_8653

img_4882 img_4886 img_4912 img_5024 img_5030 img_5031 img_5032 img_5054 alnuge-game-based-learning-girl-8-yrs-september-16-2015-3 students-avid-high-school-alnuge-llc-2015-img_0885-1 students-avid-high-school-alnuge-llc-2015-img_0886 2nd-grade-student-at-alnuge-poster-cleaster-cotton-2012-4247-jpg-all-rights-reserved 2nd-grade-student-at-alnuge-poster-cleaster-cotton-2012-4250-jpg-all-rights-reserved alnuge-william-randolph-middle-and-high-school-students-inventors-artists-2012-cleaster-cotton-all-rights-reserved-101_0145 alnuge-education-students alnuge-inventor-cleaster-cotton-teaching-students-cleaster-cotton-2014-all-rights-reserved students-avid-high-school-alnuge-llc-2015-img_0885 alnuge-llc-2015-9583 alnuge-llc-2015-9573 alnuge-llc-2015-9572 alnuge-llc-2015-9571 alnuge-llc-2015-9570 alnuge-llc-2015-9569 alnuge-llc-2015-9363 alnuge-llc-2015-9362 alnuge-llc-2015-9361

The GOOD NEWS is: “Self-esteem Improves Race Relations.”

Finally Some Good News (c) 2015 ALNUGE, LLC

ALNUGE TAPAS Residency - Ira B. Jones Elementary School and Cleaster Cotton, Artist (c) C.COTTON (7)

Yes.  Students are learning and growing their Self-esteem* with ALNUGE and we thank you for making it happen!  Your PURCHASES ARE GOING A LONG WAY…ALNUGE Poster Children (c) 2013 CLEASTER COTTON 8798

Yes. Your order had a positive impact in educating and nurturing American students/children.

ALNUGE - AB TECH - ESTEAM Conference (c) 2015 5666

Yes. Your continued SPONSORSHIP and purchases of our new and trending ALNUGE products help students learn and grow their self-esteem.

ALNUGE - AB TECH - ESTEAM Conference (c) 2015 5672


  • Interactive Book (“CODE GAMES AND PUZZLES” – with over 100 activities)
  • Innovative Coded T-Shirts (every shirt is a puzzle,)
  • Reusable Word Find Game Board Posters (with dry-erase technology… are fun for one, the family, or a party of people.)

*Self-esteem:  confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect.

Visit www.alnuge.com.

Thank you so much!

Cleaster Cotton, ALNUGE Inventor & Founder / Master Teaching Artist / Child Advocate

CLEASTER COTTON, ALNUGE Inventor © 2014 all rights reserved

“Innovative learning brings boundless possibilities.”  ~ Cleaster Cotton

Here’s To Your Highest Health… by Chef CLE COTTON, Organic Urban Gardener



I made this delicious green drink from organic greens that I hand picked fresh from my garden. I squeezed the juice from fresh fruit from the local farmers’ market. This green vegetable/citrus drink adds a beautiful, lively color to any table setting. It can replace your salad course or serve as a lovely addition to it. Your pickiest eater may just surprise you by loving this refreshing beverage. The lemon brightens it and the agave nectar sweetens the flavor of the greens quite nicely… resulting in a delicious, healthy green drink.

CHEF CLE’s Recipe

BLEND the following ingredients:

(2 cups) pure WATER

(1 cup) fresh squeezed ORANGE JUICE

(1/2 cup) fresh squeezed LEMON JUICE

(1/4) cup) amber AGAVE NECTAR

(2 cups) fresh MUSTARD GREENS

(1 cup) fresh DANDELION GREENS

(1 cup) fresh SPINACH GREENS

(1 inch or ounce) fresh GINGER ROOT

(1/8 teaspoon) ground NUTMEG

Strain, Drink, Enjoy!


If you can drink it unstrained, do so… for more nutrients benefits.

This is my personal recipe. So, I suggest that you experiment with the amounts of the ingredients you add and make notes so you can tweak the recipe to your personal liking and taste.

Throughout the spring and summer, as I harvest organic produce from my garden, I will make more healthy beverages… So stay tuned.

Check out some of the nutritional benefits according to SELF Nutrition Data:

Here’t to your highest health!

CLEASTER COTTON (Self Portrait Green Headtie (c) Cleaster Cotton 2011


Chef CLE COTTON / Organic Urban Gardener / Naturalist

~ ~ ~


CLEASTER COTTON on Effective Education…

Effective education is a synergy between the teacher, the student, and the content.  Storytelling and experiential learning leads to innovation, invention, and content retention.

Alnuge Classroom Picture NOW

[Cleaster Cotton teaching kindergarten students, using storytelling and The ALNUGE (Alphabets Numbers Geometrics) Method (Visual Language) to enrich learning and communication skills during their module on Global Transportation.]ALNUGE Kindergarten Students @ Ira B. Jones Elementary © CLEASTER COTTON

“When teachers have fun teaching, children have fun learning.”

ALNUGE TAPAS Residency, Marti Sullivan, Teacher, Cleaster Cotton, Teaching Artist Isaac Dickson and Ira B. Jones Elementary School,  (c) ALNUGE 2011 7340

The closer the learning modality is to real life experience, the more effective the learning, and the more lasting the effects. Learning becomes fun and assessment is simplified.

ALNUGE TAPAS Residency - Ira B. Jones Elementary School and Cleaster Cotton, Artist (c) C.COTTON (7)

It is in the best interest of children to urge them to use their imaginations and acknowledge them for thinking outside of the box. It is essential and productive to allow our children time to ponder and dream. It is beneficial, to their maturation process, to receive positive reinforcement from parents, teachers, and mentors when they explore and express (creatively, intellectually, and practically) that which they have not seen before.


Kind, caring words and gestures go a long way in developing healthy, happy, progressive children with a positive self-image and high self-esteem.


It is the birthright of our children to be provided the necessary tools for a successful life in their family, community, and in the fast-paced, competitive global community and economy.

These basic equations are essential to improving race relations and the evolution of global progression.

ALNUGE Home Schoolers © 2013.8709 all rights reserved

Children who receive the ‘green light’ to innovate, and who have mentors that urge them to be original thinkers, feel safe enough to become inventive.


CLEASTER COTTON BrainStorming (c) 2012 (kb)

Cleaster Cotton ~ ALNUGE Inventor & Founder / Author / Master Teaching Artist / Cultural Conservationist / Child Advocate

“Innovative learning brings boundless possibilities.”


“CODE GAMES AND PUZZLES ~ The ALNUGE Method” (Volume 1) (c) 2015 by Cleaster Cotton

Order this fun and entertaining book that is prominent in STEM and STEAM Education, supports Brain Power, and promotes Mental Health.

Retail and Wholesale book orders are welcome. Go to: http://alnuge.blogspot.com/2015/02/alnuge-alnuge-alphabets-numbers.html

Contact us for Bookings: cleastercotton@gmail.com  /  (828) 367-7780

Cleaster Cotton promotes holistic self-discovery and growth through the arts. Her approach to education is to create a secure, stimulating, and fun, environment where children grow when they feel safe enough to open up to unconventional, interactive learning techniques.

Cotton has served:

  • North Carolina University Asheville (UNCA)
  • LEAF Community Arts (LEAF)
  • Teaching Artists Presenting in Asheville Schools (TAPAS)
  • High Museum of Art
  • Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA)
  • Georgia Council for the Arts (GCA)
  • Fulton County School Arts Program
  • Westchester County Youth Bureau – Youth Service Agencies Training
  • Yonkers Board of Education, Art Teachers’ Conference
  • Police Department, Yonkers, NY
  • Mount Vernon Board of Education
  • Mount Vernon Youth Bureau
  • Mount Vernon Police Department
  • Decatur, Georgia Department of Recreation
  • Parklane School District
  • City of Atlanta, Bureau of Cultural Affairs
  • Suny Purchase, Early Childhood Development
  • United Way of Westchester and Putnam/ Westchester Community Foundation
  • Creating Pride
  • The Learning Institute
  • New Rochelle School District

~ ~ ~


Premier STEM Teaching Tool, “CODE GAMES AND PUZZLES ~ The ALNUGE Method” written by CLEASTER COTTON, Inventor


ALNUGE [“al-new-gee”]  ALphabets NUmbers GEometrics

The ALNUGE Method offers Teachers and Parents the 21st Century Premier STEM Teaching Tools

ALNUGE is in alignment with:

Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)


Brain Health

Common Core Standards

Developmental Assets

21st Century Learning Skills

Be ahead of the game!  Learn ALNUGE Codes…

The New Age Hieroglyphics

The Geometric Visual Language

Fun and Entertaining Word Games

Play it with family and friends.


Order yours now. Go to http://www.alnuge.com.

For Wholesale orders call us at (828) 367-7708.

Feel the Pride During this Holiday Season…


I highly recommend the Black Miracles posters for everyone in the human family. As an African American woman with Native American blood, I have seen my people celebrate nearly every holiday and festival under the sun with our friends and neighbors. We acknowledge and respect traditions and cultures that are not our own. It is 2014 and I respectfully request that no matter what color you are in the rainbow… do a positive act now, during this holiday season, in support of Black History. Your friends and neighbors will appreciate the kind gesture. By the way, you don’t have to be African American to buy, own, or give a Miracles Happens poster.

Feel the pride.
Peace and continued healing,
Cleaster Cotton

CLEASTER COTTON, ALNUGE Inventor © 2014 all rights reserved


Greetings Family, Friends, and Colleagues ~

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CLEASTER COTTON ~ Living Artist/ Photographer/ Educator/ Inventor

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Alnuge Classroom Picture NOW